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NEW - Heavy Duty Recovery Kit Bag - M2

Being well organized for your trip whether long or short is essential to insure the right equipment is in the vehicle, and easy to find. The M2 bag is a military style recovery kit bag which is a simple yet effective bag for a basic recovery kit. It is also great to store ropes, shackles or other parts.

PN 101675

- 8" x 7" x 17"
- Heavy duty fabric reinforced vinyl
- Webbing for handle wraps all the way around bag to improve strength
- Water resistant

- 2 interior pockets each end for Shackles and Pulley Blocks
- Ultra high reflective Safety Tape by 3M
for high visibility
- Highly visible for quick identification when needed
- Easily spotted when a light is shined on them at night
- Can be used as tool bag or other gear bag
- Made in the U.S.A

Viking Kit Bag in front of 35" wheel Bag in low light with flash light shining on  

Viking Recovery Kit Bag

The M4 and M5 Viking Recovery Bags are specifically designed to accomodate the equipment necessary for a complete recovery kit. Both bags are virtually identical but one has a US flag sewn in.

PN: 101670

US Made Version PN: 101670

- 6 Storage Compartments
- Clear storage compartment for winching manual
- Heavy duty black nylon with bright orange inner lining for visibility of parts
- Double wall construction for durability and quality
- Removable lining for storing dirty ropes which is removable and washable
- Highly reflective 3M tape for visibility and safety. Insures bags are not easly lost and visible when carried at night
- Highly visible for quick identification when needed
- Four steel tie down D rings at bottom
- 2" wide shoulder strap with heavy duty Military spec buckles. Strap is ergoniomically offset to carry weight closer to body
- Heavy duty snap buckles and strap adusters
- Extra tie down straps for winchline damper, but may be used for strapping other parts down
- Heavy duty water resistant base
- Quick release Velcro side pockets
- Heavy duty offset handle
- Made in the U.S.A
(PN 101670)

NOTE: Contents of bag shown are not included


Viking Removable Rock Guard for Synthetic Winchlines

Protect your Synthetic Winchline investment with a Removable Rock Guard. These abrasion guards are designed to cushion sharp objects and keep them from damaging the winchlines under tension. If a winching scenarion is necessary but an unavaoidable object such as a rock or a tree is in the way the iwnchline must be cusioned to keep it from abrading and cutting in half. Since synthetic winchlines are more susceptible to cutting and abrasion than steel cables, it is essential to protect them.

PN: 103153

- 20" (500 mm) Removable
- Heavy duty double wall black nylon
- 1/2" (12.7 mm) Felt cushion on bottom side to protect winchline
- Heavy Duty 2" Hook-Loop (Velcro)
- Ultra high reflective Safety Tape by 3M
for high visibility
- Highly visible for quick identification when needed
- Easily spotted when a light is shined on them at night
- Made in the U.S.A


Viking Splice Kit (Rope Repair Kit)

If a winchline breaks this is the tool to propely fix it to retain the same strength and safety as before the break. synthetic winchlines break for 3 reasons. Most commonly they get abraded or cut minimizing the strength relative to the cut or abrasion. Reason two is due to snatching or towing. This should never be done with winchlines, steel or synthetic, because they do not stretch and can not hold up to the shock. Reason three is if a winchline is installed on a mismatched winch, such as an ATV line on a 9,000 Lb winch.

It is very easy to mend the line, but the right tools and instructions are necessary. This is the tool.

Splice Kit
PN: 100527

Individual Fids:
1/4" PN: 103161
5/16" PN: 103162
3/8" PN: 103163
7/16" PN: 103164

Viking Splice Kit Includes:
- 5/16" and 3/8" Splicing Fids (7.9mm and 9.5mm) with optional sizes, CNC machined
- Instructions
- Heavy duty Scissors
- Lock Stitch Needle
- Electrical Tape
- Nylon Lock Stitch Thread
- Marker
- Practice Rope
- Kit Bag

Splice Kit Kit in bag Fids (5/16" and 3/8" fids included in kit)
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