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Recovery Tow Ropes - Tow Straps

Appropriate Tow Ropes or Tow Straps are the most basic and essential recovery tool for any vehicle including all wheel drive such as a Subaru or even passenger cars used for exploration of the countryside.

Tow Straps and Tow Ropes can only be used for Dynamic (Vehicle to Vehicle) recoveries. They should never be used with winches (static pull) due to the stretch they are designed to have to aid in a vehicle to vehicle dynamic pull. For this reason Viking Offroad and ARB distinguish the colors of the straps. Our Orange strap is for dynamic pulls, and our Green Strap is for static winching. These straps should not be mixed.

WARNING: It is essential that kinetic tow straps/ropes be affixed to true recovery points that can withstand the force of one vehicle pulling or towing another.


Viking Offroad Kinetic Tow / Recovery Straps

2" x 30' - 17,500 Lb. MBS
(50mm x 9m - 8mt MBS)
PN: 100760

The Viking Tow Strap is the best quality strap made. It is 100% Made in the USA and features the Max Edge which is an anti abrasion edge to protect the strap. Edges are the highest wear area of straps.

The Viking Straps also features some of the strongest stitching available with extremely tough eye guards to protect the business end of the straps. The eye size is also key to strength, these straps have some of the largest eyes of any straps which reduces the angular loading thus increasing the strength.


2/2" x 30' - 35,000 Lb. MBS (Double Two Inch)
(2/50mm x 9m - 16mt MBS)
PN: 100761

The 35,000 Lb. strap is two layers of the above mentioned 2" strap sewn together, so its the equivalent of a 4" strap, but easier to store due to the low profile.


Viking Kinetic Recovery / Tow Ropes

Why Choose a Viking Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope over a strap? The Viking Tow Ropes stretch 30% at breaking point which makes them more effective than straps. The high degree of stretch makes the Recovery Ropes extremely effective. The point of a Recovery Rope or Snatch Strap is to provide stretch in a dynamic pull (opposite is true for winchlines in a static pull). The more stretch the more kinetic energy is built up to help move the vehicle, and the less impact on the vehicle itself.

Viking Kinetic Recovery Tow Ropes are made from 100% Premium DuPont™ Nylon Double Braid. Our ropes are dyed black to minimize discoloration when dirty and to maintain better visibility when used in snow and sand. Eyes are protected with heavy duty nylon guards with strength identofied. All our ropes are 100% US made: both fiber and assembly.

When choosing a Tow Rope size, plan the breaking strength to be approximately 3 times the weight of your vehicle. For larger vehicles this number is closer to the weight of the vehicle.

SAFETY NOTE: Do not use Tow Ropes or Tow Straps (kinetic snatch straps etc.) with winches. Never connect ropes / straps end to end with other kinetic ropes / straps with shackles or metal connectors.

1/2" x 15', 7,400 lb. / (3.4 metric ton) MBS
PN: 100630

1/2" Rope is only recommended for very light weight vehicles such as all wheel drive Subaru cars etc.


3/4" x 30', 19,000 lb. / (8.6 metric ton) MBS

PN: 100430

Our New Kinetic Recovery Ropes are black with orange tracers, they come with heavy duty Nylon Eye Guards to reduce wear.

3/4" supports most recreational 4x4's such as Jeeps, Land Rovers, Toyotas, Hummer H2 and 3's, Mercedes G, lower weight pickups etc.


1" x 30', 33,500 lb. / (15.2 metric ton) MBS

PN: 100432

Our New Kinetic Recovery Ropes are black with orange tracers, they come with heavy duty Nylon Eye Guards to reduce wear.

1" Recovery Ropes are reserved for Sportsmobiles, Heavy expedition vehicles, Military Hummvees, full size pickups etc.


1-1/4" x 30', 52,300 lb. / (23.7metric ton) MBS

PN: 100433

1-1/4" Recovery Ropes are for heavy motorhomes / coaches, buses, dump trucks, military MRAP's etc.


1-1/2" x 30' , 74,000 lb. / (33.5 metric ton) MBS

PN: 100434

1-1/2" Ropes are for full size semi trucks.


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